Our Program

Raise a Reader in Franklin County is always looking for new avenues of funding to keep us above our need. Every year we continue to grow and we're excited to be able to provide one free book a month to all our children from birth to age five. Franklin County children and parents are always thanking us for the books they receive and some still find it hard to believe they get them sent to their home every month, for FREE. Of course, that's made possible only by our generous sponsors. We continue to thank Nissan North America, Inc., United Way of Franklin County and Nashville, Sanders Foundation, Governor's Books from Birth Foundation, and other private sponsors.

Throughout the year you'll see our bright red tent set up at community events where we are trying to find more children who have not heard of our program yet. We also have a new mascot, "The Bee". We want all our children to "Bee a Reader." So please, if you know of kids in your family or neighborhood, from birth to age five, make sure they're signed up to receive books. We don't want anyone missing out. Parents can now even sign their kids up online. We're trying to make it as easy as possible so no one is left out.

Feel free to contact our support team anytime you have address changes or problems registering your kids. We're here to help.

We want to help our parents by opening the door to reading within their home, before their children begin school. It's vital to make a difference in the education of our children by beginning their learning at the earliest possible stage. That's why our mission statement is simply, "Nurturing the foundation of learning, through reading, by establishing a library in the home of all our children."